Unit Petroleum Company “UPC” is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unit Corporation. UPC was created in 1979 and has grown its reserve base throughout the years by operating and owning wells in the Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast areas. UPC currently operates wells in three key areas of Oklahoma and Texas with a well-diversified mix of oil and natural gas. UPC’s ability to leverage its years of expertise in these key areas provides compelling value creation opportunities.


Unit Petroleum Company is focused on value accretion through free cash flow by optimizing production from existing wells and through the strategic and capital efficient development of its assets. We continually evaluate and capitalize on acquisition opportunities that enhance our return to shareholders.


Western Oklahoma / Anadarko Basin

The Anadarko Basin is located in western Oklahoma, Texas panhandle, southeast Colorado and southwest Kansas and covers an area of approximately 70,000 square miles in size. The basin has abundant production history, developed infrastructure, and proven undeveloped hydrocarbon potential in multiple formations. Unit Petroleum’s activities are mostly located in the central and western counties of Oklahoma. Unit Petroleum has focused its operation activities to target the Pennsylvanian aged sandstones.

Granite Wash

The Granite Wash is located in the southwest Anadarko Basin in the panhandle of Texas and western Oklahoma. The Granite Wash is a generic name for a series of stacked, largely granitic sediment deposits that range from the Pennsylvanian to the early Permian ages. The Granite Wash is a prolific producer with a liquids-rich natural gas component. Unit Petroleum’s activities are mostly located in the eastern counties of the Texas panhandle.

Gulf Coast / Wilcox

The onshore Upper Gulf Coast Wilcox trend parallels the Gulf of Mexico shoreline, is approximately 35 miles wide and extends from Mexico, through Texas and into Louisiana. Unit Petroleum’s core operations are focused in Polk, Tyler and Hardin counties lying northeast of Houston.  Within these areas the total Wilcox section is more than 6,000 feet thick and is characterized by alternating sand and shale sequences.  Unit Petroleum’s operations generally target stacked pay in the over-pressured section of the middle and lower Wilcox sandstones.

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Safety through Efficiency

Pipeline Safety

Your Role in Pipeline Safety

Everyone has a role in pipeline safety. To ensure the safety of you and those around you, always call your local one-call center before you plan to dig or conduct any excavation. The nationwide toll-free number to reach your local one-call center is 8-1-1.

This free call will notify underground facility owners, including pipelines, in the area of your intention to dig or excavate. The facility owners will come out to the area of the planned excavation and mark any facilities in the area of the excavation. These markings will assist you with preventing damage to facilities in the area of excavation. Being aware of your surroundings and the presence of pipelines will also assist with ensuring your safety.

Digging Near a Pipeline

Unit Petroleum Company needs cooperation to prevent pipeline emergencies. The primary cause of pipeline leaks is damage to the pipeline from a party other than the pipeline company. If you are working on or around our equipment, especially with earth-moving equipment, please contact the National call-before-you-dig number and/or Unit Petroleum Company at least two days before the planned work activity.

  • Unit Petroleum Company Emergency Number: (866) 904-4514
  • Do not use a right-of-way without proper authorization.
  • Do not disturb the ground until the pipeline is marked by a company employee.
  • Observe all location markers and instructions provided by the Unit Petroleum Company representative.
  • Do not use power equipment around any pipeline.
  • When backfilling, provide support for pipelines and ensure adequate soil cover on top of the pipelines.
  • If the pipeline is damaged or poses a threat to the public, immediately leave the area.
  • When you reach a safe area, call the Unit Petroleum Company's 24-hour emergency number and 911.
Unit Petroleum’s Role in Pipeline Safety

Unit Petroleum Company is dedicated to pipeline safety and working with the communities in which it operates. From the time a pipeline is drawn on paper to the time it begins moving gas, liquids or other materials, pipeline personnel take significant steps to assure the integrity of the system.

Before you Dig

National Call-Before-You-Dig Number


Community Support

Unit Petroleum Company employees take pride in their work and in their communities. They believe in giving back and serving their local communities in diverse capacities, including monetary and time. Our employees’ philanthropic deeds include serving as active volunteer firefighters, serving on the board for oil and gas organizations, serving on school boards, and providing building materials for youth sport fields.