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Notice to applicant for employment with Unit Corporation or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates

An Equal Opportunity Employer

We are pleased that you have chosen to apply for a job with our Company. If you need assistance in filling out this application or assistance in the hiring process, let us know and we will attempt to provide a reasonable accommodation. All statements made by applicant on this application will be checked for accuracy.

Unit Corporation and its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively or individually the “Company”) are Equal Opportunity Employers. It is the policy of this Company to consider all applicants for employment based on their qualifications in light of job vacancies. Our Company fully complies with all applicable laws which prohibit discrimination and offers equal employment opportunities to all persons without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status.

You must have two forms of identification. One must include a photo I.D., e.g., a driver’s license or U.S. Passport, and the other could include your Social Security card, birth certificate, voter registration, school I.D., military I.D., etc.

Following a conditional offer of employment, you may be required to successfully pass a drug and alcohol test and physical examination. Failure or refusal to take a drug and alcohol test, a positive test result, or failure to pass the physical examination, may result in revocation of the offer of employment. For the safety of employees, as well as others, we intend for this to be a drug-free work place.

To be sure that your application receives full consideration, you must fill it in completely and accurately. Applications are considered active for 30 days from the date they are filed. After 30 days, the applications are retired to an inactive file and held in an inactive status for a period of time required by law. If you have not been hired within 30 days of the date you file your application and you wish to be considered for jobs that become available after that date, you must fill out a new application.

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