Unit Corporation Strategy:

  • Maximize value of Unit Drilling Company by improving market share and rig utilization while developing new markets.
  • Grow Unit Petroleum Company's reserve base by more than 150% of annual production with acquisition costs meeting or exceeding our economic parameters.
  • Grow Superior Pipeline through the construction of grass roots projects.
  • Maintain a conservative debt position while enhancing our financial strength.

Contract Drilling Strategy:

  • Provide high quality drilling equipment and premium service.
  • Retain key drilling personnel through consistent, maximized rig utilization.
  • Expand operational areas and rig fleet as appropriate.

Exploration and Production Strategy:

  • Focus on low-risk exploration and development drilling.
  • Drive reserve growth through drilling internally generated prospects.
  • Add new reserves in excess of 150% of annual production.
  • Stay alert for opportunistic acquisitions.

Superior Pipeline Strategy:

  • Focus on the acquisition, management and enhancement of existing gas systems.
  • Grow the company through the construction and operation of start-up, or "grass roots" projects.